Thursday, September 30, 2010

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Boathouse Palm Beach

Just when I was thinking what to do over the weekend, my lovely friend Faye invited me to join her and her friends to celebrate Miki's birthday lunch at Palm Beach. I've only met Miki once over a year ago, was contemplating if I should attend. But knowing that I will be spending my weekend with friends, I happily accepted the invitation.

The lovely entrance decorated with many beautiful flowers

I've been to Palm beach a couple of times before but never know this cafe existed. The cafe is hidden right inside Governor Philip park and far away from the main street, which feels like one exclusive cafe. The surroundings is beautiful, overlooking the beautiful Palm beach. The perfect location for a weekend birthday celebration.

Tiger prawns ; local beer battered flathead and chips

Salt and pepper squid; Steak burger

All the dishes we ordered looks fantastic. I had the local beer battered flat head and chips served in a wooden box. The beer battered was crispy and not too greasy. Moreover, the home made tarter sauce aren't bad at all.

Birthday cafe from Bread Top

Of course, how can we celebrate Miki's birthday without a birthday cake. The 3D cake in the shape of a dog looks amazing and tasted great. All in all, was happy to see Miki, not to mention had a fantastic Saturday surrounded by lovely friends at such great cafe overlooking Palm beach.

The Boathouse Palm Beach
Barrenjoey Boathouse
Governor Phillip Park
Palm Beach NSW 2108
Phone (02)9974 3868


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ryo's Noodles

"Let's have lunch at Ryo's."
The first time I went to this Ryo's noodle place was only roughly two or three months ago but I still remember the taste of the delicious soup in my month. When R suggested to go there for lunch, I agreed straight away.

Remembering the first time we went there, we need to queue up in front of the little shop at the corner of Falcon and West St for a little while. As I was really hungry and do not feel like been in the queue, we hurriedly go to the noodle place. Luckily, they just opened their doors and we're the second customers. The place filled with customers quickly within a short period of time.

Salt flavor pork soup with mix veggies and meat

This is the second time I tried this noodle place and once again I ordered the same dish I had previously. The sour flavor chicken soup ramen with prawn mince balls and veggies. Yes, I know what you may be thinking, how boring ? Ordering the same dish again? But hey, how often do you go to a Japanese noodle place that offer to serve a sour flavored soup? I love it so much, I would not mind having it again and again.

Sour flavor chicken soup ramen with prawn mince balls and veggies

When the soup first arrived, you can smell the sourness straight away. The smell was so strong, the effect of smelling it, is similar to having too much wasabi on your sushi. In a split second, I have doubted if I would be able to finish this bowl of ramen. The flavor of the soup was quite mild, together with the ramen and prawn mince, it seems to be a great combination. The doubt faded away with me happily eating the entire bowl of noodle. On the other hand, the person whom sitting right opposite me ordered the same thing but by the looks on his face, he does not look impress.

Beside the soup flavor ramen, there are lots of other choices of ramen soup as well as side dishes. All sounds very temping and I bet they would be as satisfying as the soup flavor soup I had.

Ryo's Noodle
125 Falcon Street
Crows Nest NSW 2065
Phone: (02) 9955 0225