Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pier Restaurant

Although married, somehow I still wonder if R remembers our anniversary since we start dating. Yup, the day since we start dating and not our wedding anniversary. I guess I was hoping he would at least get me a card and I'll be really happy. On the day which falls on a Friday, he asked what do I feel like for dinner. I casually replied anything, thinking we'll probably cook the beef left in the fridge. Instead, he took me to Pier for dinner as a celebration for our anniversary. He remembers !!!

Complementary- Kingfish in cone

I was over the moon as I always wanted to try the desert by Katrina Kanetani. However, I was unsure if Katrina is still working at Pier as a few months ago from Gourmet Magazine, I read that she's leaving Pier. After all, beside Katrina, Pier was awarded the three hats in the Sydney Morning Herald since 2007 up to date.

Lobster Blini - potato-Oscietra caviar-chervil

The food on the menu looks really attempting and it took me a while to decide wether to go with the degustation menu or their market menu. Eventually, we went with the market menu. As a complementary, we were served with kingfish in a corn cone. The kingfish was beautiful. R ordered a starter -Lobster Blini. The blini is nothing like I tried before. The lobster blini texture is so soft that it almost melt in my month. Even better, it comes with the Oscietra cavia.
Tian of Spanner Grab- scallop ceviche pea salad and jus

Gazpacho- Yabbie avocado mousse - apple

The minute I saw yabbie on the menu, it reminds me of the dinner I had at Billy Kong where I absolutely love their fry yabbie dish. This time at Pier, I could not resist to order it. When they serve the dish, gazpacho (a tomato based vegetable soup) was elegantly pour in fount of you. Taste wise, just like the kingfish, the yabbie was fresh. Together with the gazpacho making the dish a refreshing one.

Steamed Bass Groper -'textures of seasonal mushrooms'

Slow roasted lobster -pancake-truffle-jus

Lucky for me, truffles from France just arrived their restaurant and the chef incorporated it on to some dishes. As I love indulging food with truffles, naturally I chose my main course with it - slow roasted lobster with truffle. Having lobster slowly roasted brings out the sweetness of the lobster meat, this dish was divine. I would be happy to have this dish even without truffles.

Blueberry Cheesecake Ice Cream
goats curd powder -ash-chestnut crumble- white chocolate yoghurt

Comes to dessert time, before ordering I asked one of the waitstaff if Katrina has left. He politely inform me she has left Pier a couple of weeks ago, while Greg is overlooking the dessert menu at the moment. At the same time he assures me the deserts that we would like to order is created by Katrina.

Mango & Passionfruit Migas
Crumbs-grains-Sauternes custard-mango

When the dessert came. Both R and I were thrilled just by looking at it. The way it presented to us is defiantly not ordinary. What's even better is the taste and texture of the desserts were both very unique. The blueberry cheesecake ice cream having the combination of goat curd powder and the ice cream, brings out both savory and sweet at the same time. It may sounds strange but it does goes well together.

For the mango and passionfruit migas, the way this dish presented looks amazing. The mango looks just like a smooth and soft egg yoke. Having crumbs and grains together with the custard, gives an extra texture to the dish. No doubt, it taste great.

After trying Katrina's dessert creation, I wonder where will she head to next as I would very much love to experience more of her creation in the future. While for Pier restaurant, I absolutely enjoy the meal. No wonder they have won the title of the best seafood restaurant for four consecutive years.

Pier Restaurant
594 New South Head Road,
Rosebay NSW2029
Phone: (02) 9327 6561