Friday, October 30, 2009


My grandma had them , my mum has them , my aunties have them (especially Aunty Pat. From what I've heard she has a large collection of Tupperware products which require a huge pantry to fit them all). Now me being married, I can't escape but start to have some Tupperware under my household as well .

My earliest remembrance of Tupperware is when my aunties came to visit from overseas, I usually have a gift of their South African produce such as sweets and fudge in a beautiful container. And no doubt the container is a Tupperware! Like no other gifts since my childhood, I still have one of the container. Yes, one tupperware left from my childhood, I bet my mum or my sisters have took the rest from me !

Sounds like my family makes a good rep for the Tupperware company. After all, we love them for they are so handy and durable.

Already, I can so see myself in the near future helping to build the ever growing Tupperware empire :p


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Taiki Japanese Seafood Restaurant

Under a Japanese friends' recommendation, describing the standard of this restaurant among her top lists. I cannot resist but to try it myself as in my list of " Angela's good food " theory - if want to try a cusine, best to ask people from that country.

Otoro- Tuna Sashimi

Agedashi Tofu- Deep fried bean curd with eggplants

Braised "Kurobuta" pork belly with mustard and vegetable on the side

Cubed marble score 9+ Wagyu steak with stir-fried vegetable on the sizzling plate served with TAIKI steak sauce

Each dish is uniquely tasty . "Otoro" is the top grade of tuna, fatty meat taken from around the fish's belly area. It is expensive but it worth every cents as it is sooooo succulent and almost seems to melt in my mouth. The Agedashi tofu lightly battered, brings a twist with eggplant embedded in between the tofu. While Braised pork belly brings a sense of sweetness, with every bite seems to shredded naturally.

Once again, my theory proves I'm right.

Taiki Japanese Seafood Restaurant
96 Longueville Road
Lane Cove, Sydney, NSW
(02) 9428 1007

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bean Drinking

With such a catchy name, I wonder instead of alcohol as it may sounds like binge drinking, does this cafe offer a good cup of coffee for indulgence. From the awards hanging on the wall, seems like they pride themselves in providing environmentally friendly and sustainable coffee from organic , Fairtrade to Swiss Water Decaf. However, a poster with the heading "NAKED" espresso caught my attention.

Not being a professional barista, all I understand, to produce a good cup of coffee depends on the skills of the barista, the coffee machine and the blend of coffee. While apparently there's more to it - the extraction method . Hence the introduction of "bottomless portafilters" ( also known as naked portafilters) have been THE thing for the industry.

One of the friendly staff explaining the difference between the bottomless portafilters and the traditionally portafilters

It must be the bottomless portafilters, the coffee certainly lift up to the expectation of better volume and consistency and more crema except I would love the blend at Bean Drinking to have a stronger aroma.

Bean Drinking
Shop 1 , 13 Ernest Pl
Crown Nest, NSW 2065
Phone: (02)9436 1678

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Sous Le Soleil

Unlike most cafe I've been to, this french cafe and shop (sells both home wares and clothing) is in an old cottage, set in the Roseville Park surrounded by leafy parkland, tennis counts and kids playgrounds as if one is far away from the city. With this beautiful setting and ample of outdoor dining area , it certainly fits for families both old and young.

Flat white with complementary biscuit

Firs Cottage breakfast: two eggs, prochetta, field mushroom and chipolatas

French toast with home made berries

After soaking up the sun on a relaxing Saturday morning, I enjoyed their friendly service and of course the lovely brunch.

Sous le Soleil

Firs Estate Cottage, Roseville Park

60a Clanville Road, Roseville, NSW 2069

Telephone: (02) 9880 8816

Open for breakfast & lunch, Tuesday to Sunday

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Loving food is my identity

What would you like to eat ? Is often one of the most ask question when I was is hospital. However I lost my appetite and often without an answer to the question. I blame it on fragile health and the hospital food. What the hospital offered is some massive production meal with a blend taste to it. No matter how much salt or pepper I put into the food, instead of bringing out the taste of real food, all it does is to disguise what I was to put into my mouth and force myself to eat. At one stage,I not only lost interest in food, but especially in sweets. This was frightening because it comes to my acknowledgement that it's like losing part of my identity.

I am so glad to regain my appetite for food both savory and sweets. In a way, it's like a sign of recovery for me. I wish no one had to go through what I had gone through. No more needles, medications and surgeries. Instead one is to embrace life and treasure love ones all the time.