Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Loving food is my identity

What would you like to eat ? Is often one of the most ask question when I was is hospital. However I lost my appetite and often without an answer to the question. I blame it on fragile health and the hospital food. What the hospital offered is some massive production meal with a blend taste to it. No matter how much salt or pepper I put into the food, instead of bringing out the taste of real food, all it does is to disguise what I was to put into my mouth and force myself to eat. At one stage,I not only lost interest in food, but especially in sweets. This was frightening because it comes to my acknowledgement that it's like losing part of my identity.

I am so glad to regain my appetite for food both savory and sweets. In a way, it's like a sign of recovery for me. I wish no one had to go through what I had gone through. No more needles, medications and surgeries. Instead one is to embrace life and treasure love ones all the time.

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