Friday, October 30, 2009


My grandma had them , my mum has them , my aunties have them (especially Aunty Pat. From what I've heard she has a large collection of Tupperware products which require a huge pantry to fit them all). Now me being married, I can't escape but start to have some Tupperware under my household as well .

My earliest remembrance of Tupperware is when my aunties came to visit from overseas, I usually have a gift of their South African produce such as sweets and fudge in a beautiful container. And no doubt the container is a Tupperware! Like no other gifts since my childhood, I still have one of the container. Yes, one tupperware left from my childhood, I bet my mum or my sisters have took the rest from me !

Sounds like my family makes a good rep for the Tupperware company. After all, we love them for they are so handy and durable.

Already, I can so see myself in the near future helping to build the ever growing Tupperware empire :p


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