Monday, November 2, 2009

Foveaux Restaurant and Bar (The Red Door)

For a group gatherings or in this occasion - a hens night, it is not difficult to find a nice fine dining restaurant in around the city but at a reasonable price that everyone could afford could be a challenge. Having said that, we managed to dine out at Foveaux.

As the name provided, Foveaux is on Foveaux St. For the third time in a role , this restaurant has been award with One Hat. Without much notice, you could easily walk pass it.

While we first started our hens night at The Red Door (Foveaux Bar). With a long list of wine and cocktails to choose from, after much thought I have chosen the Belvedere Samba. The sweetness of peach bitters with the chamomile tea mix up the slight sourness of grapefruit soda made one very dangerously addictive drink.

With a touch of hens night , the hen was given a lovely tiara headband and some lovely/naughty gifts which seems to be more for the enjoyment of the husband to be. Sitting at the comfy couches and a great jazz mix with funk as background music we all seems to enjoy the atmosphere and love to linger at the bar area for a bit longer chatting away about everything and anything regards to wedding, marriage and even pregnancy tales from some very experience mother.

After the drink , we were escorted to the restaurant. To my surprise they have printed out our chosen testing menu in advance and tailored the menu for a few of us with special dietary requirements.

Marinated ocean trout, smoked trout ice cream , cucumber, popped skin and baby coriander

Caramalised pork belly , ceviche prawn , black pudding puree, shiso and prawn rice cracker

Baked rainbow trout with victorian morel mushrooms, clams, mache, sugar snaps and sweet corn puree

Braised rib cap, oyster, chicken wings, parsley puree and milk braided celeriac

Braised watermelon, vodka jube, fruit salad sage and sheeps yoghurt sorbet

Tonka bean rice pudding, blackberry conserve, white chocolate ice cream and walnut dust

Overall the menu was one exploring adventure for me. The smoke trout ice cream was very smooth and quite an appetizer as the first course. While I'm not a big fan of black budding (pig blood) but this instance it goes really well with the flavorsome pork belly. The rainbow trout was perfectly cook with all the ingredients on the dish defiantly brings out the sweet freshness of the fish.

From what I know, chicken wings aren't often as part of fine dining menu, however Foveaux is an exception on the 4th course they had to offer. They were so crispy and tasty I could have more, while the braised rib cap was very juicy and tender which goes really well with the beautifully milk braised celeriac. By the end of this course , I was already feeling full and bloated. However, with no surprise I managed to finished both my deserts which were absolutely delight.

By the time we finished dinner and fully satisfy, it was already mid night. I'm glad Carlyn - the bride to be, the rest of the group and myself enjoyed the night out at such a cosy restaurant. Who say a hens night must go crazy and wild with naked man ... hmm I guess it's a total different experience but a classy dinner with a great group of friends to celebrate hens night are equally fun and enjoyable.

Foveaux Restaurant and Bar
65- 67 Foveaux St
Surry Hills, NSW 2010
Phone (02) 9211 0664

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