Monday, November 16, 2009


Since R and I were planning to watch a play in Glebe, we thought we might just take this oppotunity to dine out somewhere near by before the play start.

Walking straight into the restaurant is the pizza bar area with a big open kitchen. The place was just jam pack of people and immediately it feels like a local dining area. Only later I realised the name of the restaurant means neighbour which fits perfectly to the description.

Vicini - Top level restaurant
Instead of having dinner at the pizza bar area, we made reservation for the restaurant upstairs. While we were guided by the friendly staff from the entrance of the restaurant to the top level restaurant, the whole atmosphere change dramaticly from a loud and family orientated dinning room to a more classy settings. And to my liking, we were seated at a table next to the window overlooking a glimse of the city skyline.

home made bread with olives
Iberian ham with Melon
Dinner was ordered from a blackboard, however it does not cheapen the experience at all.
First we had some complementary home made bread with olives and olive oil. For entree, we shared the Iberian ham with melon. There seems to be a trend in restaurants having fruit dish as part of an entree or perhaps I am just ignorant about Italian food. While the melon and the spanish ham with cheese does make a great combination, I absolutely adore the ham and would love to have more of it.

Dinner special - Jewfish
Home made gnocchi dish
For main I had their home made gnocchi with italian pork & fennel sausage, broccolini, chili & pecorino. The chili gives the dish a bit of a kick, while the pork and fennel sausage have a great flavor , however I was a bit disappointed with the gnocchi itself. It was a bit lumpy which is a downfall for this dish.

Dessert special - Lemon zest Ricotta
We shared or I should say I consumed most of the doughnut like lightly fried lemon zest ricotta with passionate fruit dressing dessert. It was very light and fluffy.

By the time we finished our dinner, it started to rain heavily and didn't end up watching the play in Glebe. At least we had a wonderful dinner and I wouldn't mind trying their wood fire pizza next time.

37 Booth St,
Annandale NSW2038
Phone (02)96606600

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  1. Lemon zest ricotta looks soooo good! Thanks for the review!

  2. It certainly looks good and taste fantastic too !!! Wish I could have the recipe >.<