Thursday, November 12, 2009

Azuma Kushiyaki -Sugar hit in November

Yes, I bet lots of food bloggers have mentioned about sugar hit during October already. But the difference this time is I'm having sugar hit in November ! Yes November! Probable you would wonder doesn't sugar hit only occur during October Sydney International food festival ? To our surprise, Azuma Kushivaki have extended their sugar hit period due to high demand and popularity .

Where's the novelty of having sugar hit which suppose to only occur during October? Is this part of the strategy during this credit crunch period to obtain as much customer as possible, or taking the opportunity to promote their restaurant? Doesn't matter what's the reasons behind, I still take this opportunity and am not complaining at all ;) Thanks Rita and Ada for organizing it !
East meet West - Dessert Tasting Plate
I love the presentation of the dessert, came in two bento like boxes. Somehow separated food into different compartments seems to intrigue me more than just presenting on one plate.

Mochi (Glutinous rice cakes) with Kinaki ( healthy topping made of soybean powder), served with Vanilla ice cream and Japanese brown sugar syrup

We all seems to hesitate a bit when it comes to which one should we try first. First response was to try the not so sweet to the sweetest , but I have no clue how to figure that out. End up I decided to go with the ice cream first base on the description, as it sounds more interesting and I could get involve by deciding the amount of syrup to pour into it. (However, I got so excited having Rita to take photos of me pouring the syrup, I ended up pouring the whole glass of syrup into it. Clumsy me !)

Followed by Vanilla cheesecake and Belgian chocolate mousse. They seems a bit average to me , while the last two , the green tea rolled cake with chestnuts was delicious while the Nori seaweed cookies remind us of a particular type of biscuits we used to have as a child. Suddenly, we all have an urge to get some of those biscuits from an asian grocery stores. I might just do that this weekend.

Azuma Kushiyaki
Regent Place
501 George Street
Sydney NSW2000
(02) 9267 7775


  1. Nice blog! Love the desserts at Azuma K, so delicious!

  2. No offence, but dessert at Azuma was one of the worst out of all the sugar hits available around town. Not only did they just present something (the green tea roll) that I can get from any chinatown bakery, the whole roll itself would cost $3. The dessert presented at Azuma was ordinary at best.

  3. No offence taken. Everyone deserves their own opion.