Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Love supreme

Just when R and I was having a conversation about pizzas after reading an article on how to make one from the delicious magazine Dec/ Jan issue, I had a message from my cousin organizing a gathering at Love supreme. Just by the name of the restaurant, immediately can tell it's a pizza place. I must admit I haven't heard of it, but since it's in Paddington, Arthur's Pizza came in my mind and thought what have happened to that place. After a quick search on the web, realized Love supreme is actually run by the same people as Arthur's.

Onion rings

By the time we got there, I was starving. Instead of waiting for everyone arrived before ordering, we first ordered some entree dishes include onion rings and antipasto plate. Must be the food, everyone arrived promptly just when the entrees were served.

Antipasto plate
roasted, marinated vegetables with olives and cold cuts
Lamb sausage, silver beet, stracchino, harissa

When asked which pizza should we order, NS whom had dine at this place a couple of times were quick to give his answer- the lamb pizza. When I tried it, it is not hard to understand his quick response. The lamb sausages were really juicy with a hint of chili and smoky flavor from the harissa sauce.
Oven roasted vegetables, goats curd

Dario Fo
Swiss brown, field and oyster mushroom
In our group, one of us is vegetarian and we ordered the mushroom as well as the roasted vegetables pizzas to accommodate. Out of the two vegetarian pizzas, surprisingly I really love the mushroom pizza. Not only the whole pizza was covered with mushrooms but the ingredients were really fresh.
Surprise ????

To be adventures, we ordered the Surprise on the menu as well. It turns out a pizza with olives, prosciutto and a type of cheese which I can't remember. It looks a bit like Papa pizza on their menu which have San Danielle prosciutto, tomato and grana padano.

Why me
Pepperoni, olives, carameised opion,harissa

Beside the deliciously fresh ingredients were plenty on the pizzas , the pizza base was thin and crispy. Just the way I love my pizza. Had one very satisfying meal and great gathering. Thanks for organizing NS !

Love Supreme
180 Oxford St
Paddington NSW2021
Phone(02) 9331 1779