Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bean Drinking

With such a catchy name, I wonder instead of alcohol as it may sounds like binge drinking, does this cafe offer a good cup of coffee for indulgence. From the awards hanging on the wall, seems like they pride themselves in providing environmentally friendly and sustainable coffee from organic , Fairtrade to Swiss Water Decaf. However, a poster with the heading "NAKED" espresso caught my attention.

Not being a professional barista, all I understand, to produce a good cup of coffee depends on the skills of the barista, the coffee machine and the blend of coffee. While apparently there's more to it - the extraction method . Hence the introduction of "bottomless portafilters" ( also known as naked portafilters) have been THE thing for the industry.

One of the friendly staff explaining the difference between the bottomless portafilters and the traditionally portafilters

It must be the bottomless portafilters, the coffee certainly lift up to the expectation of better volume and consistency and more crema except I would love the blend at Bean Drinking to have a stronger aroma.

Bean Drinking
Shop 1 , 13 Ernest Pl
Crown Nest, NSW 2065
Phone: (02)9436 1678

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