Sunday, March 21, 2010

RISE restaurant

"Where should we go for dinner? " I always have lots of restaurants that I would love to try but when asked the question, often it takes me a while to come up with any ideas. This time we decided to try RISE restaurant's Omakase degustation.

Spicy pork belly salad with tofu & bean sprouts namuru

Sweet corn soup with scallop mousse

When the first dish arrive, the fragrance of the dish smells beautiful. The combination of tofu with pork and bean spouts goes really well. Then it comes the weet corn soup with scallop mousse. Scallop mousse sounds very tempting, however when I tried the soup, it was a bit on the creamy side for my liking while I can't taste much of the scallop.

Assorted sashimi
Soy flan, shiitake sauce /rice paperroll of cured salmon and mango/ blanched scampi, green papaya & citrus pepper mayo

Oyster tempura , soba salad & ponzu sauce

I enjoyed the soy flan with shiitake sauce. It was really smooth and silky with the sauce gives some extra flavor. Oyster tempura was crispy but the soba which was sock in the ponzu sauce was very sour.
Roasted duck breast, stuffed zucchini flower tempura and hoisin sauce
Finally the main - roasted duck breast. The duck cooked beautifully, beside the zucchini flower, there were also eggplant underneath the duck. This dish comes with rice which is great to mop up with rest of the sauce on the plate otherwise the dish seems to have far too much sauce.
Last but not least-dessert. Coconut granita with coffee custard with some black pearls. Overall, I found that this restaurant like to use different sauces on their dishes, however some seems to be too overpowering for my liking. With the price of $48 for this degustation, it is worth the try .

23 Craigend St,
Darlinghurst NSW2010
Phone (02) 9357 1755

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  1. i pass this place about every 2-3 weeks and always wondered what it's like . thanks for sharing. looks like very interesting dishes :-)