Friday, December 4, 2009

Bodega Tapas Bar

Lucky me , finally got a table at Bodega without the queue. No waiting required? Only because I went during lunch time. Previously, tried to get a table at Bodega with a group of friends for dinner but with no luck. With their no booking policy and only if the entire group arrived, hence not one less person from the group, as well as early arrival at the restaurant thus making it extremely hard for a group of friends dine out together at this popular tapas bar.

The Tapas bar is a lot smaller than I thought, no wonder reservation is not an option. On the high note for this small tapas bar, they have a good selection of tapas to choose from. And they all sounds very tempting for me to try.

Seared scallops with morcilla, braised cabbage and pickled cauliflower

The morcilla was soft in texture with different flavor of spices, together with the perfectly seared scallops and sourness of the pickled cauliflower gives a very lovely taste. A taste that I would love to explore more. However, the top layer of cream together with the rest of the dish makes it taste a bit out of place.

Piquillo peppers stuffed with bacalao

Piquillo pepper gives a really rich, spicy, sweet and sour flavors, stuffed with salt cod brings a unique and perfect taste of Spain.

Steam pork belly with warm salad of onion and shiitake mushroom

At first , the pork looks really fatty and oily, but it's not. Instead, it is very soft and moist and goes well with the beautiful warm salad.

Chocolate ice cream with coffee custard, mango and passionfruit

Last but not least, desserts time. Mango and passionfruit which are in season together with ice-cream and delicious coffee custard, together with the roasted almond makes a perfect playful combination for this hot summer.

This place reminds me of some of the dishes I had and enjoyed a lot when I was in Barcelona last year. Guess instead of traveling all the way to Spain, some fabulous tapas dishes are just doorsteps away.

216 Commonwealth Street
Surry Hills NSW2010
Phone (02)9242 7766

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