Friday, December 18, 2009

Il locale Blu

"Looks like a lot of people dining there."

Along Blue points road filled with different restaurants, one of them is Il locale blu. The restaurant appears to be really classy with a simple yet very sleek interior decoration. Based on a first glance of the restaurant with a large crowd dining at the front area of Il locale blu, my dad was keen to try this restaurant before looking at what they have to offer on the displayed menu.

complementary bread with balsamic vinegar, olive oil with chili and olives

Waiters standing outside welcomed us warmly to our selected table. Once seated, I looked at the menu straight away. The restaurant certainly offers lots of choices.

Pan fried John dory fillets cooked in white wine & tomato sauce

Pan fried pork fillet with braised eggplant

Squid ink taglatelle cooked with king prawns, chilli & lobster oil

I have chosen the pasta dish, it was a simple dish though I love the the firmness of the pasta with the juicy tomatoes and a hint of chili with the lobster oil gives that extra flavor together with the fresh prawns.
Homemade tiramisu
Tiramisu is probably the most typical Italian dessert, while most people would probably know how to make one including myself. Yet, I ordered it. The cream is so smooth, it is simply delicious.

After all, it is a beautiful restaurant with some great food. Guess my dad's judgment of the restaurant, base on the first impression is correct. Though, I wonder how often people make the decision to try a restaurant base on their looks and not the food they serve?

Il Locale Blu
133-135 Blues Point Road
McMahons Point NSW 2060
Phone (02)9922 2064

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