Sunday, December 6, 2009

Garfish - Crows Nest

Without water view or spectecular scenary around, Garfish makes up with a comfortable and simple furnishing helps set a relaxing atmosphere, with people sipping wine and enjoying the companions on a a relaxing Sunday afternoon. Our group of four were among the people having a lay back Sunday lunch.

sour dough w/ extra virgin olive oil and zaatar

Bread was searved warm with a dip of olive oil and zaatar. What is zaatar? I'm clusless with many herb, but by looking at the dish of zaata, it seems to be a mix of try herbs with sumac, seaseme seeds and salt.

Crisp Fried soft shell crabs w/ bok choy, coconut and kaffir lime sauce

Soft shell crabs are often used in asian dishes especially Japanese. Perhaps this dish illustrates the so call modern australian cusine with some degree of asian influence. In general, the soft shell crabs were very light and crispy, with coconut and kaffir lime added a very aromatic and astringent flavor to the source
Whole crisp fried baby barramundi w/ bok choy & green curry sauce

Grilled Mirro Dory w/ tomato relish & mash

When the barramundi was served, it gives a 'wow' factor. Just look at the picture! I haven't seen a fish served like this before. Impressive might not be the word I will use to descripe it, perhaps 'different'. Comparatively, the presentaion of the dory seems very simple and ordinary.

Squid ink rag pasta w/ spanner crabb, lemon, parsley and smoked cherry tomatoes

For the pasta dish, not only does it looks great, it smells delicious. Sampled a mouthful of the pasta, immdeiately the lemon and parsley gives a tangy and refreshing taste, which brings out the freshness of the seafood. However, it was a bit too salty. In general, I enjoyed the food and had a relaxing Sunday afternoon.

6/29 Holtermann Street
Crows Nest NSW2065
Phone (02)9966 0445

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  1. The food looks so good! And I agree- the barramundi looks really cool!

  2. 我在Vietnam都食過一條企起度的魚...