Monday, November 23, 2009

The French House

On the street of Dank street, with cafes that I love like Wah Wah Lounge, Dank Street Depot and Cafe Spora, I was hoping and expecting this new shop would provide wonderful food.

From the outside, it looks very impressive with the huge wrap around deck area. While the inside looks very French, with painting and mirrors on the walls, with fresh loaves of bread and both colorful and mouth watering pastries and cakes around as well as a communal table right in the middle as the centre piece. Beside the sweets, there are also the very French looking savory - coroissants, sandwiches and baguette.

First, the waitress delivered our coffee served in a fancy gold-rimmed cups and saucers, it taste alright however the saucer filled with spill coffee and the waitress didn't even apologize! While for my croissants, to my great disappointment, it was a bit soggy and not crispy at all. I thought maybe, their pastries would be alright but my friend which had a mango tart didn't look impress at all. She finds the tart taste a bit artificial and very sweet, too sweet for her liking.

This proves, looks could be deceiving. The decor looks very French, but the food certainly lack everything in French taste and texture.

P.S Unfortunately, this bakery does not allow photos both inside and outside of the premise.

The French House
1G Dank Street,
Waterloo NSW2017
Phone (02)8399 2770


  1. liar as if the food is not good its so delicous the owners are great!

  2. Karinabicho -Glad to hear you like their food. Maybe they have improved since I last went.