Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New Shanghai Chinese Restaurant

The new Chatswood dining court finally open last month. Yes, it is named as the "dining court" not food court. I guess unlike the normal food counts, most restaurants and cafes are divided into their own little shop and makes it sound a bit more classy. Among them is this restaurant - A modern Chinese restaurant with darker interior and some chinese furnishing.

When we arrived to this restaurant during a weekday lunch time, there was already a long queue. Luckily, we only waited for 15 minutes and were seated right in front of the dumpling kitchen.

The dishes came out really quickly.

N.S.H special chicken with rice
Beef noodle soup
Xiao long bao - pork soup dumplings
The dumplings is certainly my favorite with wrapping of the dumpling not too flourier or too thick, and the soup inside is so floavourism.

This is one very satisfying lunch indeed.

New Shanghai Chinese Restaurant Chatswood
Shop B-038,
Chatswood Chase
Chatswood NSW2067
Phone (02)9412 3358


  1. Look @ their Mask, they're not putting their mask to cover their mouths...

  2. I was quite pleasantly surprised.... The pork belly was good, though didn't particularly like the "sesame butter" and chilli oil combo with the dumplings.
    And thanks for lunch R!!!!

  3. Ahh looks like they've fixed the problem with the slow dishes. We had to wait ages for the dumplings and so did others but good to hear that it's all good now :)

  4. M- It's our pleasure. Same here, love the pork belly as well. We should meet up more often !

    Lorraine - Didn't even realise they had a problem with dishes coming slow, glad to know they had rectify the problem