Thursday, November 26, 2009

Top speed Thai

Usually I associate asian food as casual dining. While this dining place is casual yet sophisticated deal to the modern interior decoration with rich colour wall and one giant chandeliers hanging right in front of the restaurant.

Yum hua plee
Banana flower salad with prawns and minced chicken tossed with coriander, mint, chilli and garnished with coconut milk and chilli jam dressing

Koo-wa gai noodle
Famous street food of central Thailand, using delicious sweet soy sauce & a stir fry of chicken, prawns, flat rice noodles & bean shoots. Sprinkled with roasted rice

Out of the two dishes, the salad stands out with the big banana flower. My first thought is this edible as well? Unfortunately with much assurance from the friendly waitress, that banana flower was for decoration only. A bit disappointed, but that didn't last as the combination of different herbs with coconut milk salad was very delicious. Moreover, dishes have no MSG as advertised on their menu, hence no suffering from the thirsty feeling after.

Top Speed Thai
331 Penshurst Street,
Willoughby NSW2068
Phone (02)9417 7500

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  1. ooh that banana flower is pretty! nice way to present the food!

  2. I agree with the banana flower salad, so pretty! And the Koo-wa gai sounds and looks so yum! What a shame Willoughby is a bit out of the way.

  3. Ooh banana flower salad is my favourite Thai dish! They present it like they do at Spice Market which looks so spectacular! :)

  4. Suze, Lorraine and Joey - Banana Flower is very impressive indeed, maybe I should try cooking the dish and present it like that if I find the right ingredients.

  5. sis u r trying out all the good food places,may b you should publish a good food guide for us now. All places that u adventure and eat seems very good and delicious, i think u could hardly find places like that in hk, if u do u will b paying loads. But sometimes paying loads not necessarily means the food is gd. Good job sis, keep posting the gd places to eat =) I enjoy viewing it even though i have not tried the FOOD. x0x0x0

  6. Hi sis, I think HK have loads of good food as well !!! Although some of the local places may not be grand or have modern decoration, but they have the best meal and inexpensive. Would love to go back and enjoy the food over there.